York University Intermediate Greek Reader Project

Welcome to the York University Intermediate Greek Reader Project.

The York University Intermediate Greek Reader Project began in 2016. The aim of the project is for senior ancient Greek students to create online editions of passages of archaic and classical Greek texts in a format accessible to students of Greek with one or two years of training. The texts are freely available for teachers of ancient Greek to use in classes and for enthusiastic students for the purposes of individual study. Each edited text includes all vocabulary judged by senior Greek students to be essential or helpful for an intermediate student. The commentaries offer basic guidance on syntax to enable the beginner or intermediate Greek reader to find her or his way through unsimplified ancient Greek texts. Vocabulary and commentary are presented on the same page as the ancient Greek text to provide as much assistance as possible with comprehension and translation.

Texts are available for viewing / downloading in PDF format. Teachers who would like access to the documents in other formats - for instance, if they wish to reduce the amount of vocabulary offered to a level suitable for more advanced students - are encouraged to contact the General Editor, Rob Tordoff (rtordoff@yorku.ca). Similarly, notice of any typographical or other errors will be gratefully received.

The copyright to all documents originating on this site rests with the General Editor and the Student Editors. Users are asked, please, to acknowledge the rights of the editor(s) of any document they copy, edit, or reproduce.


Greek Lyric Poetry


Folk Songs (Carmina popularia) and Drinking Songs


Greek Epic Poetry

Homer, Odyssey Book 13


Editors of the York University Intermediate Greek Reader Project 

Liam Houston (LH)
Viet Huynh (VH)
Foteini Pliaki (FP)
Lucy Telford (LT)

Viet Huynh (VH)
Maria Matthaiou (MM)
Elja Rasam (ER)
Lucy Telford (LT)