Useful Resources

Given the relative abundance of sites listing hundreds of links to pages on Classical themes, we have chosen not to compile another massive and slow-loading list of our own. We instead provide links to some of the best-maintained collections of Classical links, as well as to the most important bibliographic resources.

Royal Ontario Museum

Library catalogues and on-line reviews
The British Library catalogue
York University Libraries

BMCR: Bryn Mawr Classical Review
TOCS-IN: Tables-of-Contents of interest to Classicists

Classics bibliographies or reference sites
C. Daremberg and E. Saglio's  Dictionnaire des antiquités grecques et romaines
Classics bibliographies from the University of Chicago
Plan de Rome: An illustrated guide to the imperial city
De feminis Romanis : A useful collection of material centered on the history of women in the Roman world, including primary texts, images, and secondary materials.
Roman Law Resources edited by Ernest Metzger, University of Aberdeen.
Greek Prose Style: Greek 701 at CUNY : Prof. Hardy Hansen's site for his graduate course on Greek prose style.
Byzantium: The Byzantine Studies Page : The place to start when searching for web-based resources on Byzantium.

Departmental home pages etc.
Society for Classical Studies (formerly American Philological Association)
Classical Association of Canada / Société canadienne des études classiques
CAMWS: Classical Association of the Middle-West and South
The Ontario Classical Association
The University of Toronto Classics Department
The Women's Classical Caucus (affiliated with the Society for Classical Studies)

Texts and dictionaries
Perseus Digital Library
APIS: Advanced Papyrological Information System
The Latin Library
Humanities Text Initiative
The Internet Classics Archive
Heidelberg Epigraphic Database

Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek-English Lexicon
Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Cambridge University Press
Focus Publishing
Harvard University Press
The Johns Hopkins University Press
The University of Michigan Press
Oxford University Press
Princeton University Press
Routledge Online

Oxbow Books